Biden’s favorite columnists revolt

Even JENNIFER RUBIN thinks JOE BIDEN is in trouble.

“Biden needs a reset. Here’s how he can do it,” read her headline on this morning’s Washington Post column, usually a reliable go-to for the Biden-sympathetic worldview. “Democrats need Biden to correct course — promptly,” Rubin wrote, describing Biden’s presidency as “rocky.”

She’s not alone. Over the past several weeks many of the staunchest Biden defenders in the media have soured on the administration’s current direction.

New York Times columnist DAVID BROOKS, who penned an August column with the headline “The Biden Approach is Working” and a November column with the headline “Biden is Succeeding,” tweeted last week that “Today is the day for Biden to begin revamping his presidency in a more centrist direction. There’s no path forward for a leftish agenda.”

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