"Wasn't he supposed to be a sincere conservative?"

No one is surprised that Roberts did this. Roberts judicial philosophy consists of not defending the Washington Post and it has for years, but Brett Kavanaugh? Wasn’t he supposed to be a sincere conservative? A man of principle? That’s what Lindsey Graham told us. Unfortunately, many of us believed it. When Brett Kavanaugh cried during his confirmation hearings, wept like Adam Kinsinger, we felt sorry for him.

We didn’t understand that something had broken inside of Brett Kavanaugh, on some level his tormentors now controlled him and that going forward he would be more loyal to conventional opinion than to the constitution of the United States. Our mistake.

To the Court’s actual conservatives, the ones that don’t weep in public, Kavanaugh’s position on the vaccine mandate made no sense at all. As Clarence Thomas put it in his dissent, nothing in law or the constitution requires nurses to choose between losing their livelihoods and acquiescing to a vaccine they have rejected for months. Exactly. In other words, Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate have no legal authority. And without legal authority, the government can’t force us to do anything. Period.