Australia has decided to "let COVID rip." Is that a good idea?

Firstly, testing systems quickly became overwhelmed. People waited for hours at PCR testing facilities, with results delayed for days. Many pharmacies and other shops ran out of rapid tests and those who still have stock face accusations of price gouging.

Some convenience stores and restaurants have been selling rapid tests via the Uber Eats app at inflated prices, and one Australian has created a website to help people crisscrown their towns and cities to find where a rapid test may still be available.

With cases spiking so quickly, workers of all stripes have needed to take time off due to sickness or isolation requirements, affecting many industries and supply chains.

Supermarkets are short of certain products. Trains in Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, are running on a reduced timetable due to a lack of staff. And KFC restaurant outlets are facing a chicken shortage.

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