AOC: Forcing people back to work after five-day quarantine is "sociopathic"

‘Welp, so it happened. Got COVID, probably omicron. As of today I am thankfully recovered and wrapping up quarantine, but COVID was no joke,’ she started off the lengthy caption on Saturday.

AOC went on to claim that Omicron is not mild, despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported the strain doesn’t seem to be as dangerous as the previous Delta variant.

‘For a while I’ve noted the term “mild” is misleading when the bar is hospitalization and death. Even “mild” cases can result in long COVID, which includes a range of conditions like cognitive impairment, POTS, & chronic fatigue,’ AOC said of the variant…

‘The idea of forcing people to work just five days after symptoms start is sociopathic and 100 percent informed by a culture that accepts sacrificing human lives for profit margins as a fair trade. The good news is that we have an antidote: community.’