Why Biden should want Trump to run again

Speaking to Newsweek, David Andersen, associate professor in U.S. politics at Durham University, said he had some reservations as to whether Biden will definitely run—but said regardless of that decision, Democrats should want Trump to be in the race next time out.

“Whatever Biden’s decision is, the Democrats want, or should want, Trump to run again. Twice the Democrats have won the national popular vote with Trump on the ticket, and in 2020 they won the Electoral College by putting new states into play. They should be confident that President Biden can run against Trump by contrasting their styles and presidencies and showing that Biden is the better option. While Trump has a committed base that is likely to turn out to support him, it is difficult to see where he will pick up votes in 2024,” Andersen said.

“His base consists largely of shrinking demographics, who are currently the hardest hit by COVID and have adopted a strategy of demeaning and insulting anyone who questions Trump. While this keeps the base strong, it limits Trump’s appeal to potential new voters.”