"Haggling has gone out the window"

The global chip shortage has slashed vehicle inventories and left dealers with few cars to sell. It has also left car salesmen and women with less to do on the dealership lot.

Dealerships laid off thousands of salespeople at the start of the pandemic. While some have been rehired, about 70,000 people who worked at new-car dealerships have been permanently let go…

Car salespeople now spend less time waiting for customers to walk through the door and more time on computers, chatting online with people to answer questions about what’s available on the lot, or out delivering cars that were bought online.

Salespeople don’t really negotiate prices because the car shortage means customers have to pay the sticker price, or very close to it, said Kyle Hunter, co-owner of the Meador Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership in Fort Worth, Texas. “A lot of the haggling has gone out the window,” he said.