Let's table the word "server"

The neutral “server” is annoying for three reasons. First, the word “serve” derives from the Latin “servus,” which means “slave.” That hardly seems a woke choice. The word “wait” has no invidious implications.

Second, whenever possible, a word should provide as much information as possible. That “waiter” and “waitress” convey both profession and sex is a boon, not a drawback. We get more value for our word buck.

Third, it “corrects” a problem that was never a problem. Unlike in the airline industry, waiting tables wasn’t a job that had been disproportionately the realm of one sex. Hence there was no need to change the terminology. And although some actresses prefer to be called “actors,” Frances McDormand still received the 2021 Academy Award for best actress. Seems Hollywood is less woke than it would have you believe. I bet if there were an awards ceremony for restaurant servers, they’d be clamoring to bring “waiter” and “waitress” back.

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