“Look, my mother died, my father died, my brother died and I don’t want any bad news”

Still sporting his black scrubs, he began to vent. He wrote about a critically ill patient who disputed his covid-19 diagnosis. Another threatened to call his lawyer if he wasn’t given ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug that is not approved for treating covid. A third, Trunsky wrote, told the doctor they would rather die than take one of the vaccines.

One demanded a different doctor, “I don’t believe you,” he told the physician…

Trunsky said patients he sees give different reasons for not taking one of the vaccines. Some, he said, regret the decision — like a nursing mother who said she was concerned about how a vaccine might affect her newborn baby. Others, Trunsky said, remain convinced they made the right choice — even on their death beds.

Whatever their reasons, he told The Post, “they are paying the price, and they are getting mad at us.”