"Universities are turning into ideology mills"

spiked: Why did you resign from Portland State University?

Peter Boghossian: I resigned because the university prevented me from doing what it had hired me to do: to teach philosophy.

Over time, the university became less of a symposium and more of a church. It became less of a place where people went to engage with ideas, to think through issues and to try to figure out what was true. And it became more of a place where the catechism reigned. More of a place where there were right answers to moral questions. People at the university felt that they knew the answers and they tested you on them. I just couldn’t maintain my integrity there any longer.

spiked: In your resignation letter, you spoke about being harassed by students. How did you become a target?

Boghossian: I started asking questions. Ideologues don’t like questions. I didn’t receive answers, or when I did they were flippant or dismissive. People looked at me as if I had some kind of moral problem, as opposed to just not having the right information. It was very bizarre. They thought that I had to be a bad person, because I was asking questions.