Four things Trump could do to win back my support

Acknowledge his mistakes on COVID

I presented a handy, though not nearly exhaustive, list of them two weeks ago. Any or all of those would be a great place to start. Even a recognition that this virus wasn’t nearly as deadly or dangerous as advertised and that lockdowns, business closures, and forced masking did little to nothing to stop or even curb what did happen would go a long way toward regaining trust on this issue. How about a promise to ban all lockdowns, vaccine mandates and forced masking at the federal level for this (because while COVID-19 has subsided for now, it isn’t ever going away) or any future pandemics without the consent of Congress?

As mentioned above, undermining data and science-based Team Reality arguments by pretending his actions ‘saved millions of lives’ from ‘the literal plague’ is the exact opposite of what we need. Covidstan, and all its trappings, needs to be relentlessly repudiated from now until the end of time, and that starts with the man who founded it in this country.