Petulant, childish Texas Democrats need to return home

The big lie really came when Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams attacked Georgia’s reasonable election reforms earlier this year. That error cost Atlanta the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Joe Biden’s claim that the Georgia law “ends voting hours early” was so bad, even the Washington Post labeled it false. Yet, he and his supporters repeat similar lies over and over again.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is right to stand up to the fleeing lawmakers. Stop their pay and call them out.

The average citizen does not get paid if they do not show up for work. The average citizen cannot get on a plane without a mask. The average citizen has to show photo identification to get on a plane.

The Texas Democrats who fled in a private plane showed that they are not standing up for the average citizen. They are gravitating to the source of their power and control: Washington, D.C. Just like we stood our ground in Wisconsin and won, conservatives must do the same in Texas.