The fugitive Texas Democrats are vain, self-promoting cry-babies

I suggest a logical disconnect here: not the Democrats’ first. Let us count them:

1. The voting rights bill (a follow-up to the one that failed the first time the Democrats also went streaming and screaming from the State Capitol so as to thwart further action) doesn’t take the vote away from a single solitary soul of whatever race, creed, color, or sexual identity

2. It doesn’t even make voting hard. It regularizes and standardizes procedures all across the state, in places large and small . (Texas, with 254 counties, has lots of both.) The bill sets certain standards that were unduly relaxed during the pandemic when Harris County (Houston) improvised measures like drive-through voting and 24-hour voting

3. A once-conventional, now seemingly exotic, political truth is that democratic governance involves compromise — the recession of competing ideas and demands in the interest of establishing a viable framework for action. The Age of Entitlement seems to have inspired the political class — we need to acknowledge that Republicans are no more immune to the fever than Democrats — to issue ukases, decrees and manifestoes instead of mere proposals to be considered, debated and voted on. Compromise? That’s not for big boys.