China is building an Area 51

In the last several months, at least a dozen new buildings have sprung up at the base, according to NPR. While Google Maps images from 2021 still don’t show the new buildings, if you zoom out from the visible runway, the strip clearly appears to be part of an equilateral triangle, allowing takeoffs—and more importantly, landings—from three directions...

China, which is racing to catch up with the U.S. in several high-end aerospace categories, could surely use an Area 51 of its own. The country is reportedly developing a new stealth bomber, the H-20, that will be in the same rough category as the B-2. (Though it can’t be as powerful as it sounds.)

The more China can hide the aircraft from rival nations—especially the U.S.—the better. If China’s Area 51 soon sprouts large, bomber-sized hangars, we’ll definitely know something interesting is going on.