Strict social distancing in the U.S. dwindles to 18%

Fewer than one in five Americans (18%) now say they are completely or mostly isolating themselves from nonhousehold members, a marker of strict social distancing that peaked at 75% near the onset of the pandemic last April. More recently, the rate was 22% in May and has fallen by half since March, when it was 38%.

Conversely, almost half of Americans, 47%, now say they made no attempt whatsoever to isolate themselves from nonhousehold members in the past day...

Use of face masks fell substantially among fully vaccinated Americans this past month, from 90% in May to 77% in June, while declining only slightly among those who are partially vaccinated or plan to be. However, mask wearing also fell, by 11 points to 38%, among those who do not plan to get vaccinated, a group that remains at risk of catching the coronavirus and spreading it to others, particularly as the highly contagious Delta variant takes hold in the U.S.

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