Biden’s politicized Justice Department

The Georgia lawsuit is just part of a longer-term Justice Department strategy under President Biden. "I think Garland will use the added staff to attack state election reform bills under the Voting Rights Act, claiming they are discriminatory," said Hans von Spakovsky, head of the Election Law Reform Initiative at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a former Federal Election Commission member and Justice Department official, in an email exchange. "I think those claims are meritless, but they hope to bulldoze the states with the overwhelming resources the Justice Department can bring into such litigation."

"Liberal advocacy groups have already filed numerous such lawsuits against these new laws," von Spakovsky continued, "and Garland no doubt wants to add the heft of the Justice Department to these lawsuits to try to get these state laws knocked out by a friendly, liberal federal judge."

In other words, the Attorney General will do his part to further the Democratic agenda while Democrats on Capitol Hill struggle to pass their partisan voting bill. It's just part of the politicization of the Department under President Biden (and some of the same Democrats who accused the Trump administration of politicizing the Department). And one final note: At his confirmation hearing in February, Garland promised to "protect the independence of the Department from partisan influence in law enforcement."