We need to stop Marjorie Taylor Greene's online extremism before it turns violent

These responses proved our point: No responsible politician who rejects hate should seek support on a platform like Gab.

That said, the platform has more than four million monthly visitors and is growing. Members of Congress like Rep. Greene recognize this and fundraise on the site to grow their political power and influence and find-like minded audiences.

Undoubtedly, some of the more than $3.2 million Rep. Greene raised in the first quarter of 2021 came from her presence and appeals on Gab. She also found support there for her grossly irresponsible and inflammatory comments equating mask-wearing with the Holocaust.

There are two options for dealing with online platforms that promote hate—and potential violence—in our political system. The first is to ban them. There are precedents in law where exceptions to the First Amendment regarding hate speech exist. These standards could be applied to political campaigns as well, making it clear that hate speech in support of political candidates will not be tolerated and that, by extension, funds raised by politicians on hate-based platforms like Gab will not be permitted.