I'm a Trump-supporting Arizona Republican but it's time for this audit to end

If the Democrats in Arizona had done any, let alone all, of the same things after losing a statewide election here, I — and every Republican — would be screaming for their audit to be shut down, too. One of those 2.1 million ballots being scrutinized for bamboo fibers, mysterious watermarks and my paper-folding methodology is mine. I am — and we all should be — concerned when anyone is handling or running tests on our ballots. I never have and never will question the integrity of the Arizonans involved in trying, after four years of questions about election integrity, to settle these questions once and for all. But we all should question the practices that are being employed. The auditors had to pause the audit for around a week because their lease was up. If they wanted to instill confidence in the audit, they could have used that time to give the public a report of what they found — or didn’t find — up to that point. A midpoint report of findings would have gone a long way to show people like me that this was all happening in good faith and could achieve its goals. For instance, a law enforcement officer given a surveillance warrant by a judge has to give periodic reports to the judge that the surveillance is bearing fruit or else the judge will not allow the surveillance to continue.