"Wearing a mask is not anything compared to the Holocaust"

Brandyn Parker is a 37-year-old Republican leather worker at a shop downtown. Standing outside the store Thursday with a possum on a leash, Parker said she too is concerned about how Greene's comments are shaping perceptions of the GOP and the 14th District. Parker voted for Trump in 2016, but skipped the 2020 election because she didn't feel like she had good choices at the top of the ticket.

"I feel like the things she thinks and says -- and of course, the bigger following she has -- that makes people think that everyone in the Republican Party feels and thinks that way when it's not true," said Parker. She added that she didn't understand Greene's invocation of Nazi Germany. "Wearing a mask is not anything compared to the Holocaust."

Wayne White, a retired conservative who voted for Greene in November even though he did not support her during the GOP primary, said the Georgia congresswoman's comments were "just not appropriate."

"I don't think anybody should be comparing anything for the Nazis and the Holocaust. It's different worlds," White said during an interview in Rome, Georgia, hours before Greene's rally. "She has been ineffective, and she'll continue to be ineffective as long as she is as controversial as she is. She doesn't garner support of other Republicans."

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