No, Israel isn't an apartheid state

Israel is a democracy that affords its Arab citizens full rights. They vote in elections, and Arab parties sit in parliament. These parties obviously have a profoundly different worldview than the Zionist parties, which has been a barrier preventing cooperation between them. But this year, in a first, Arab parties were part of the negotiations over forming a new government before they broke down.

Arab Israelis are full participants in Israeli society. There are Arab justices on the Supreme Court. About 20 percent of doctors in Israel and about half of pharmacists are Arab. Roughly 17 percent of students seeking an undergraduate degree are Arab, a number that has roughly doubled over the past decade.

As Steve Kramer of the Times of Israel puts it, “They arguably are the most free Arabs in the Middle East.”

Then, there are the Palestinian territories, where there is a marked lack of democracy, courtesy of the Palestinians themselves.