Cheney: I wouldn't vote for McCarthy for Speaker

As Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) said at the meeting to boot Cheney: “If no one is following you, you are only taking a walk. You, Liz, are only taking a walk.”

Foxx’s remark was all the more stinging for its brutal assessment of Cheney’s political isolation: Other Republicans — even those who joined her in voting to impeach Trump — have been reluctant to replicate her outspokenness. The 54-year-old went from a Republican star viewed as a future speaker to a woman in exile who may struggle to hold on to her congressional seat, even as she keeps warning of the peril the former president poses...

Even officially relegated to the sidelines, Cheney could still prove a constant thorn in House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s side. In a fresh sign of their rift, Cheney also told POLITICO she wouldn’t vote for McCarthy for speaker if they win back the House majority next year.

“I think that we've got to have leaders who lead based on principle, and that's not what we've seen from him,” Cheney said.

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