Stolen election myth rattles SC GOP leadership race

“Vote for McKissick if you have conceded the election,” Wood wrote Thursday to his 848,000 subscribers on the Telegram social media app, where he showed a video clip of McKissick acknowledging the reality of the Electoral College results.

“Unlike McKissick, President Trump has never conceded the election. Neither have I,” Wood wrote. “I plan to keep fighting to expose the TRUTH: Donald J. Trump won a landslide election and is our President. I pray the SCGOP delegates will choose wisely.”...

Wood has reached well beyond Trump’s disproved claims that the election was stolen from the former president. He is fostering wild conspiracy theories positing that Biden is actually dead — replaced by body doubles — and that Trump is still president and planning to reveal himself in a phoenix-like fashion to punish his enemies.

And like Trump, Wood is already accusing McKissick of election fraud — without any evidence — even before the first ballots are cast Saturday.