The Squad is rooting for Hamas

Israelis aren’t dying in numbers that satisfy Omar’s sense of fairness — as if there is any moral equivalence between the actions of a genocidal theocratic terror group that targets civilians and a state that does all it can to protect its civilians. Of course, we don’t know how many Palestinian children have really died because Hamas lies and because around 30 percent of their Qassam rockets land on their own people. Iran’s proxy, moreover, wants its people to die martyrs. They know that useful idiots in the west will use their tragic deaths in public-relations efforts.

In reality, Israel shows a preternatural restraint in these situations. Its responses are tactical, aimed at diffusing threats, not at punishing children. If Israel wanted to see suffering, they could instantly shut down electric power and clean water in Gaza long term. And if Israel relied on a disproportionate use of force, as its critics claim, Gaza City would be a prosperous Jewish resort town by now.

One can be critical of Israel, just as they can be critical of Germany or Brazil. Israel is an imperfect democratic state, after all. Yet, those who want to deny the Jewish people their homeland, or the ability to defend themselves, are, functionally speaking, peddling the most virulent strain of anti-Semitism. And the fact is that Tlaib wants what Hamas wants: an Arab state from the river to sea.