McConnell safe in power, despite Trump's wrath

Ex-aides loyal to McConnell say their former boss is playing the intraparty divisions with skill. “He said what he said, he made his views known and every time he’s been asked about it since, he’s said, ‘Look, you know my views on it, I’m focused on the future.’ And that’s what his conference wants him to do and that’s what Liz Cheney’s conference wants her to do,” said Scott Jennings, a GOP strategist and former McConnell campaign adviser. “The difference in these situations is McConnell as a member of leadership is endeavoring not to become a distraction or liability for his conference whereas Cheney is, as far as I know from the coverage, is actually angering some people who voted for impeachment for her zeal for expressing her views,” he added. “McConnell is not making that mistake.”