"It really f--ks the other ‘24 wannabes"

“It really fucks the other ‘24 wannabes,” said one top GOP strategist, who predicted that all but a few top Republicans with established Facebook presences and fundraising networks would find it harder to raise cash online if Trump was once again tapping into that stream.

Not everyone in GOP circles was willing to concede that a Facebook-liberated Trump would suck up most of the conservative grassroots donor money. Others argued that Trump coming back on the platform would compel donors to give money not just to Trump but to multiple different political groups with which he was aligned or affiliated. That could include official Republican entities.

But there was widespread agreement that Trump being able to advertise again on the platform would further empower him specifically on the increasingly important turf of online campaigning. "A massive, massive deal," is how one top Democratic digital operative put it. “Extraordinary.”