Census confirms Texas and Florida are America's future

Elon Musk's transition to Austin could make this southern city "the next big thing." He made a new home for his rockets in Texas to escape California regulations — with the "final straw" being disrespect from Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-S.D.).

If the only new additions to Florida and Texas were corporations, the movement wouldn't be so monumental. But the traffic is not solely from big business; grandparents, parents, children and siblings are escaping the traditional coastal hubs. A Redfin report revealed that nearly 45 percent of their January Austin home searches came from users in other metro areas. The Orlando region alone is projected to add 1,500 people per week to reach 5.2 million by 2030. Where the people are is the hub of culture.

Engineers and information systems experts will settle in Texas; the same cycle will occur in Florida with bankers and day traders. They'll have children, and their children will have children. Along with this current migration will come consequential changes in the fabric of American society for generations.