America’s left puts Putin to shame when it comes to disinformation

If the Russians had the requisite skill, they would spread the false story that a talented American governor had sold out his citizens by letting a campaign contribution distort his distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, suppressing all facts to the contrary and stoking yet more conspiratorial thinking about the governor among his political opponents.

The Russians couldn’t pull this off — yet “60 Minutes” did, in a laughably dishonest report over the weekend about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis using the most popular grocery-story chain in the Sunshine State to get the vaccine in the arms of Floridians.

If the Russians were devious enough, they would take a God-awful mass shooting, ignore all the evidence about the perpetrator’s motives to define it as a crime driven by racial hatred and undermine faith in the local police and FBI when they presented the facts.

The Russians couldn’t manage this, either — but a veritable army of media commentators and progressive politicians could. They ­insisted against the available evidence that the Atlanta spa shooter must have been driven by hatred of Asians, while Democratic senators openly dissented from the FBI ­director’s statement that the shooting wasn’t a hate crime.