Fatigue outpaces progress as France enters another lockdown

Among the French, the mood has grown more somber as other nations, especially Britain and the United States, have bounced back from a disastrous handling of the epidemic with successful inoculation campaigns. Just 13 percent of France’s population has had at least one vaccine shot, compared with 47 percent of people in Britain and 30 percent in the United States…

A poll released Thursday showed that a majority of French people were skeptical of the new lockdown’s ultimate effects. In findings that reflected the population’s fatigue, 70 percent of respondents said they approved of the new national lockdown, but 46 percent said that they planned to flout the measures.

Among young people, hard hit by a crisis that has opened psychological wounds and left them in deep economic uncertainty, two-thirds of those surveyed said they would break the new rules.

In a country that is acutely sensitive to its rank in the global pecking order, France’s frequent mishandling of the epidemic and subsequent vaccination campaign has led to widespread hand-wringing.

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