Manchin after border visit: "Past time to do immigration reform"

“It is beyond time, past time, to do immigration reform. Immigration reform should be a pathway to citizenship. People that have been here, they might have come here the wrong way but they came here for the right reason,” Manchin said during a press conference.

“We have children that came here that have no other home but America.There should be a pathway for that, for our dreamers,” he added…

“We’ve got a human crisis that I’m seeing here … so if that means shutting everything down for 90 days of how we have people come into our country, sending that message that we’re not going to be taking people into this country until we get our ability to make sure we’re able to do it and do it right, is that going to put the pressure?” Manchin asked.

“Something has to be done and it has to be expedited. … This problem is not going away. This problem will not cure itself, I can assure you, and they’re coming in droves,” he said.

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