Poll: Most California voters oppose Gavin Newsom recall

Just 40% of voters said they would cast a ballot to recall Newsom if the election were held today, while nearly 46% said they’d vote to support the governor, according to a poll from Newport Beach-based Probolsky Research.

The picture looks even better for Newsom when looking at responses from likely voters. In that group, less than 35% support the recall and nearly 53% oppose it, with opponents also more likely to be certain about how they’ll vote.

“I don’t want to call this election today, but you start to understand that this is not an easy road for recall proponents,” Adam Probolsky, president of the nonpartisan Probolsky Research, said in a virtual press conference Tuesday.

Latinos are by far most likely to support the recall effort, according to Probolsky Research, which polled 900 voters statewide in mid-March. Nearly 45% of Latino voters favor a recall vs. 39% of white voters, 29% of Asian American voters and 19% of Black voters who feel the same.

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