MSNBC guest: Racist, white GOP would deny water to Jesus on the cross

This led Dyson to hyperbolically respond by invoking Jesus two days before the start of Holy Week:

“I think he’s contemplating it seriously when he sees the consequences. What he needs to do is fill these busters with some fear of the government. These are the kind of people that would pass a law to keep Jesus from be — getting a cup of water while he’s dying on the cross.”

Earlier in the segment, Reid asked Dyson to react to the Georgia law and so Dyson replied by insisting it was necessary to see it through the lens of “Jim Crow-ology.”

That way, Dyson argued, one would realize that white, male Georgia Republicans see the Voting Rights Act as “merely an inconvenient interruption of white supremacist power” and they want to ensure through their perverted “white imagination” that African Americans would lose the desire “to exercise the franchise.”

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