"We are not going to relitigate the past"

Trump then directed his fire at the Supreme Court, saying the justices “should be ashamed of themselves” for refusing to overturn the election for him.

“What they did was absolutely disgraceful, and if you look at the numbers, the numbers were vastly in favor of us in the presidential election. It was disgraceful that they were able to get away — the Supreme Court did not have the courage to do what they had to do.”

“Mr. …yeah, well…” Ingraham began broke in, as Trump began to re-up his election fraud claims and hammer the Court.

“Speaking as a lawyer, we are not going to relitigate the past tonight,” the Fox host and University of Virginia School of Law alumna added. “But speaking as a lawyer, I think, going forward, I think any candidate running for office has to have an impeccable legal strategy in place before — like come along before the election takes place, because a lot of people saw a lot of problems coming, verification problems coming, but I don’t think the legal situation was in place, and that hurts everybody along the way.”

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