Sidney Powell's defense in defamation suit could put her in legal jeopardy

“When I read the brief in that case I was shocked that Sidney Powell’s lawyers would admit that no reasonable person would believe the very allegations that she asserted in federal court,” Fink said.

“Those misrepresentations are the reason we are asking the federal court to sanction her,” Fink added. “Powell shows a startling contempt for the basic ethical obligations of our profession, a lawyer incapable of speaking the truth in court filings should surrender her bar card.”

Fink is not sure if he needs to or will bring the defamation filing to the attention of Michigan’s judge who serves on the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Already he had argued that if sanctions against Powell are not deserved in his case “it is hard to imagine a case where they would be.”

Powell’s co-counsel in the Michigan case, Stefanie Lambert Junttila, called the request for sanctions “baseless” in court papers.

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