Harris set to discuss "empowering women and girls" with ... Bill Clinton

Twitter users had a field day with the news. Most expressed that it is laughable to ask Clinton’s authority on the topic of empowering women and girls, given his famous philandering, numerous accusations of sexual assault, and close previous relationship with the late convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.

One person joked that “Monica Lewinsky and Ghislane Maxwell will be calling in via zoom” for the panel. Someone else joked that next on the schedule would be “Harvey Weinstein discussing women in the workplace,” and another said it would be “followed by Anthony Weiner to discuss youth outreach.” Yet another suggested, “Refreshments to be supplied by the Cosby foundation.”

Others were outraged by the decision, with one follower tweeting, “This is sickening. @BillClinton used the totality of his time in public office using power to procure sex from young women at the start of their careers & burying them, he is credibly accused of forceful rape AND sexual assault. Shame on @KamalaHarris. @VP should cancel this.” Someone else added, “Tell @VP and Billy boy this is beyond tone-deaf. It’s an insult.”

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