Sidney Powell's election lawsuit admission divides QAnoners

On “We The Media”—a far-right Telegram group with more than 202,000 subscribers which hosts a range of broadly anti-government, conspiracy theory content—users debated what Powell’s latest filing meant.

“This goes against everything she’s been saying,” wrote one user. “I have a real problem with this!” declared another. “This makes zero sense no matter how somebody tries to justify it,” one user said. “Why she would want to dismiss the only opportunity to show the world how they stole the election is beyond me!”

Another was more dismissive. “It’s almost like maybe she made it all up and lied to everyone,” they wrote.

Some commenters suggested Powell was under pressure from unidentified forces. “I bet she’s being severely threatened,” one said. On the Gab “Sidney Powell Support” group, one of the 2,500 members wrote: “The Deep state got to the Great Sidney Powell,” suggesting she may have even been kidnapped.

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