Susan Collins: I don't know why the WH "would want to alienate" me

“Why they would want to alienate the Republican most likely to work with them to find common ground is truly a mystery to me. And it’s obviously a very poor strategy,” she said in an interview…

She said Mr. Klain was dismissive of what she termed a good faith offer from a group of 10 Republicans on a slimmed-down relief package, less than one-third the size of what Democrats ultimately passed. She also said Mr. Klain has twice retweeted recent comments that she perceived as negative about her. Mr. Klain had previously praised her for her bipartisanship in a handful of tweets during the Trump administration.

“If there really is a friendship, and a level of trust, that should make it easy for us to work together,” she said of Mr. Biden. “I have been a bit concerned that perhaps some of these left groups, or perhaps members of his staff, are tugging at him constantly to try to move him further to the left than I think is wise.”

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