I got my COVID vaccine. Now can I hug my mom?

What can I do with my grandkids?

My husband and I are fully vaccinated. Our grandchildren, 9 and 13, are not. Can they spend the day with us and sleep over at our house without any of us wearing masks? My daughter and son-in-law have not gotten a vaccine yet. — Kathy Lee Simpkins, 64, Somerdale, N.J.

Morrison: Yes. Since you are fully vaccinated, you can be unmasked around your grandchildren, provided that they and others in their household are at a low risk of developing severe Covid-19.

Rivers: You can have your grandkids visit and sleep over. Although children are at low risk of severe illness, I worry in some situations that kids could bring the virus home to other family members like your daughter and son-in-law. But since you and your husband are vaccinated, that is not an issue in this case.

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