Lindsey Graham: I'll speak until I fall over if the talking filibuster returns

“Here’s what Biden needs to understand. If you go to the talking filibuster, we will take the floor to stop HR 1,” the South Carolina lawmaker told Fox News program Hannity, referring to the bill to expand voting rights.

“I would talk until I fell over to make sure that we don’t go to ballot harvesting and voting by mail without voter ID,” he added.

The South Carolina senator also doubled down on the suggestion by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that if the filibuster is eliminated, the Republicans would grind Senate business to a halt by refusing consent for routine operations.

Graham told Sean Hannity that with “a 50-50 Senate, you can’t do anything without unanimous consent that matters. To have a quorum, you’ve got to have 51 people present and the vice president doesn’t count.