I was a pastor, now I'm a sex worker

Although I get a lot of support, the main response in America to my career change has been outrage, shock and awe. I think my story is very easy to misunderstand and it’s easy to judge.

I think a lot of judgement or backlash is actually because people are triggered by seeing something they want, that they can’t let themselves have. Instead of addressing that, they project their emotions onto me. As well as sex work, I work as a life coach and I always remind people that they are worthy of having it all. What you choose to do is based on your own desires and preferences. I believe you can get what you want out of life without doing things you aren’t comfortable with.

My hope and prayer is that people will lean in to what I do with curiosity and openness rather than react out of shame and fear. I suggest thinking about where you have a tendency to assume and judge, and instead see how you could be curious instead. You might just be surprised by what you learn.