De Blasio: Cuomo is "literally in the way of us saving lives right now"

“So I think an impeachment proceeding will begin. And I think he will be impeached and perhaps right before that he’ll decide to resign. That’s probably the most likely outcome right now, but I gotta tell you something. He should resign right now because he’s holding up our effort to fight COVID. He’s literally in the way of us saving lives right now,” de Blasio said.

Brennan also asked de Blasio if he thought the Cuomo administration purposefully covered up nursing home deaths during the height of the pandemic.

“I don’t have a doubt in my mind, but everything was about his public image, everything was about his political future. It was not about what people needed,” de Blasio said. “And by the way, it was about campaign contributions. The nursing home industry, the big hospital systems, they gave him millions and millions of dollars, and he went easy on them and he tried to cover up for everyone, not just him but his donors.”