The courage of Andrew Cuomo's accusers

Among their sordid revelations, the scandals show the governor to be a one-trick pony, as his defense against the assault claims mirrors his defense against the 15,000 nursing-home deaths. In both, presented with evidence of his own mistakes and misconduct, he attacks, blaming everyone else.

On the nursing homes, it was The Post, Donald Trump, Fox News and even God. On the sexual allegations, the women might have “many motivations” and he won’t be ousted by “cancel culture.”

As for the resignation calls by Democratic House members, it’s because he’s not a member of the “political club.” That’s a tough sell coming from a three-term governor who is the son of a three-term governor.

The broad assumption that he’s toast is restrained only by questions of when he leaves and whether it will be with a whimper or a bang. The difference doesn’t matter as much as he thinks.