Finally, Gov. Cuomo is called to task

I’ve personally been attacked by the governor’s spokespeople as have my family and the other brave people that dared to go against this administration. I was told that I wasn’t a credible about anything except the weather and that I was part of a death cult that wouldn’t stop hounding Cuomo or his office. I was warned to “watch my back” and “be careful.” He was too powerful, both revered and feared by those that covered him and worked for him.

Meanwhile, our grieving families continued to watch the mainstream media outlets fawn over him and never ask the questions we so desperately wanted to know: Why did he write that executive order to bring infected patients into nursing homes, and why was he covering up the total number of seniors who died including those who passed away in the hospital?

We never heard the answers. Instead, we watched him promote and celebrate himself, write his leadership book, and win an Emmy Award.

It was infuriating. Frustrating. Soul crushing. And despite all my attempts for accountability, I was starting to believe we might never see the day that this governor and his administration were called to task.