An important apology shows the path past Christian Trumpism

What can be done? Hunter Baker has shown us one path. More Christians can demonstrate his humility and courage. And when or if they do, it’s important for even those who suffered profoundly for their anti-Trump stands to grant forgiveness immediately and without hesitation.

But there’s more. Christian Trump supporters can no longer say, “We won’t tolerate serious wrongs.” That ship has sailed. They can, however, say “Enough. No more.” And it’s vital that they do. Only they can impose true accountability on Trump. Without them there simply isn’t sufficient support to bar Trump from public office and limit his malign influence on American life.

And if they do choose hold Trump accountable, they won’t be “weak.” They won’t be “fragile.” And they won’t be “courting favor with elites.” They’ll be demonstrating at long last the courage of their professed convictions and living up to the promises of their own past words.

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