At Fox News, a post-election shake-up brings more opinion at the expense of news

There was particular concern voiced Monday when Bartiromo’s name became public as a potential replacement, considering the criticism she has faced for comments she made questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.

Bartiromo’s name and show were mentioned multiple times in a Dec. 10 legal letter from the voting technology company Smartmatic demanding the network retract “dozens of false and misleading statements regarding Smartmatic.” In response, Fox aired a short segment that corrected falsities about Smartmatic on several of its programs — though when it was Bartiromo’s turn to introduce the segment, she added as a postscript, “We will keep investigating.”

“It is ludicrous and disheartening that we are rewarding [Bartiromo] with a prime-time spot, knowing full well she is among the most responsible for propagating the big election lie,” a second news division staffer said.

“Maybe they wanted that sizzling-hot opinion anger,” said another.