Some right-wing groups warning members away from protests

“Groups would love for us to show up and get violent in order to push their own agenda — whether it be a crackdown on militias, gun legislation or something else to charge Donald Trump with in this farce of an impeachment,” said Michael Lackomar, one of the 217 members of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia…

Other right-wing groups that just last week joined thousands of angry protesters in storming the U.S. Capitol in Washington are also urging their members to stay away from the events, which include an armed march on Capitol Hill from the Washington Monument to the White House.

“We’re not going to any ‘Million Militia March’ or any other fed honeypot event that’s being promoted,” Enrique Tarrio, a leader of the Proud Boys, wrote on Telegram. “We suggest none of you go to these events. We won’t sit on our hands for the next four years but we can pick and choose our battles moving forward.”

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