Trump has one thing left to do

There is, however, one action the president should take to serve the country and keep his reputation from sinking even lower.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warns that armed protests are planned for every state capitol from Jan. 16 until at least Jan. 20, and at the U.S. Capitol from Jan. 17 to 20. This is supposedly the work of the Boogaloo movement—gun-toting extremists who advocate a second civil war and support Mr. Trump’s retention, regardless of the election outcome. There are also ordinary Americans spun up by Mr. Trump’s spurious election claims, who want to express their anger. They’ll all be wearing MAGA paraphernalia and waving Trump flags and signs. Some will be carrying weapons. If more violence and disruption occur, the president’s already tattered reputation will be further shredded.

Mr. Trump must do what he hasn’t yet done—forcefully tell his followers not to participate in protests or disrupt Mr. Biden’s inaugural, and urge them to join him, their president, in condemning violence and disorder.

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