I miss Trump’s Twitter, and I’m glad it’s gone

I miss Trump’s Twitter, and I’m glad it’s gone. I may not know what he’s thinking — whether he’s in manic mode or sulking or how mad he is at Mike Pence or what he has to say about a potential second impeachment — but that’s a small price to pay.

Trump’s presidency did immeasurable damage to our democracy, in part because he declined to speak to Americans in a measured, thoughtful, responsible way. He spoke on Twitter not like a leader, but like a drunken man on a bar stool — bitter, mean, bloviating and inflammatory.

You can’t do away with noxious opinions just by banning them. And Twitter shouldn’t bar Trump from its platform simply because it doesn’t like his politics or his bluster. But it is a private company that is allowed to set its own terms of service, and if Trump is telling untruths or stoking violence, the company has the right to cut him loose.

The good news is that thanks to Twitter’s decision to close Trump’s account, Joe Biden’s exasperated plea — “Will you shut up, man?” — may finally be coming true.

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