Bob Corker feels vindicated on Trump

“Nobody’s perfect. You don’t ever have all of the information. But I think I’ve been validated,” said Corker. “My observations about his character and his conduct certainly have been validated, unfortunately, with people’s lives being lost. And our country appearing to be run by a tin pot dictator to people around the world.”…

“Republicans are going to have to have a real debate about who they are going to be,” he said. “The Republican Party has been a party of adults, and people who make tough decisions. Obviously, that hasn’t been the case in recent times.”

Corker also sees a potential silver-lining to this week’s chaos. It was costly, Corker said, but now the president has been exposed in a way that will shrink his political influence permanently.

It allowed “his true character [to be] revealed in a way that hopefully will diminish his impact on our country in the future,” Corker said. “So that is the one plus that comes out of this. People have been able to see firsthand what all of us have known, just who he really is.”

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