As circle dwindles, a few Trump aides plan to stay to the end

Some people in Trumpworld have begun to refer to the group that is loyally sticking with Mr. Trump as the “dead enders,” those advisers who are so closely associated with him that they have few options available to them other than remaining by his side.

Still working in the building, even as the West Wing has been clearing out, are Nick Luna, the president’s body man; Johnny McEntee, the director of the presidential personnel office; and Dan Scavino, the president’s former golf caddy turned deputy chief of staff for communications. Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, is still working in the West Wing and plans to stay until the lights are turned off. But he has been described by colleagues as shellshocked in recent days.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, is still there, too, but she did not come into the West Wing on Friday, telling her staff she needed to spend the day at home. Judd Deere, a deputy White House press secretary, plans to stay through Jan. 20.

Stephen Miller, the president’s top policy adviser who has been at his side since the 2016 campaign, is still working for Mr. Trump. But even Mr. Miller has been around much less frequently because of his newborn, who has been sick in the hospital. His first day back full time at his West Wing office was Jan. 6.

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