57% believe Trump's call with Raffensperger shows wrongdoing

Most registered voters (57%) say they have listened to or read the transcript of the call, according to a new YouGov poll. Seven in 10 Democrats (71%) have heard or read about the audio, compared to 52% of Independents and 42% of Republicans. Most Republicans (58%) had not listened to it as of Monday afternoon when this survey was conducted.

Among the registered voters who have heard the audio or read the transcript, two-thirds (68%) believe it shows wrongdoing on President Trump’s part. Half (51%) of registered voters overall believe it does. Nearly all Democrats who are familiar with the content of the tape believe the recording is proof of the president acting improperly (93%), as do 67% of Democrats who haven’t seen or heard what is on the tape.

Regardless of whether Republicans are familiar with the audio, they believe President Trump did not do anything wrong: 76% of Republicans who know the content of the tape and 67% of those who do not say the president did not commit wrongdoing. About one in five (18%) Republicans who have heard the audio believe Trump’s request to Georgia’s Secretary of State was wrong.