“Mark is The Godfather of ‘outrage for profit'"

Levin proceeded to take additional swings at Kinzinger.

“Unsurprisingly, he’s celebrated by the Dem-Party media. His attack on those earnestly trying to fix what the Dems broke during this election cycle & their efforts to prevent further usurpations of the Constitution (as they’ve announced their intentions), is unconscionable,” Levin added.

“He should be defeated at the ballot box in the next Republican primary. Then he can join CNN or MSNBC as a full-time, conservative-trashing contributor,” Levin concluded.

Yet Kinzinger wasn’t going to let the big-time conservative talk radio host’s words go without a response.

“Mark is The Godfather of ‘outrage for profit.’ For some reason he has been obsessed with me for a while,” Kinzinger fired back.